Ginger Cottages Holiday Decorations by TRC Designs, Inc.
Special surprises have woven their way through Glenn Crider’s career, so it’s no surprise that each little Ginger Cottage ornament contains one of its own.
As an apprentice clock maker in Virginia 35 years ago, Glenn quickly realized that repairing clocks left little time to express his creative side.  Three years later while browsing in a Gettysburg, Pa. gift shop, a Nutcracker caught his eye.  It didn’t take long before Glenn figured out that the tools he used to repair antique clocks could be repurposed to create Nutcrackers.  After a local paper wrote about Glenn’s creations, he sold 2,000 miniatures in 22 days and became known as “The Nutcracker Man.”  The frenzy of activity to manufacture enough Nutcrackers to meet demand led to the name of the company – TRC – Glenn’s abbreviation for Three Ring Circus.
Ten years went by and Glenn realized he was the only Nutcracker
manufacturer in the United States.  So did the U.S. Postal Service.  In 2006
the U.S. Postmaster General’s office called asking Glenn to design a USPS stamp.
Glenn made four distinctive Nutcrackers that were featured on stamps that
were released in 2008.  Those Nutcrackers now reside in the Smithsonian Institute
in Washington, D.C.

Nutcrackers sparked Glenn’s creativity which led to TRC Designs’ creation of Ginger Cottages decorations. There are eight different styles available at Cracker Barrel Old Country Store®, but there is one that Cracker Barrel is particularly fond of – the replica of their store, complete with its magic captured inside.  Designed exclusively for Cracker Barrel, when the Cracker Barrel Old Country Store Ginger Cottage is lit, a secret holiday treasure is revealed.  Also inside, you will see replicas of Cracker Barrel’s  stone hearth, clock on the mantle, 64-square checker board, and even tees from the Peg Game.  When hanging your cottage on the tree, simply borrow a standard mini-bulb from your tree to reveal the secret.